Jambo Packaging

Jambo Packaging is an innovative player in the flexible packaging industry. We boldly challenge conventions while creating innovative solutions with creativity, confidence, and co-creation. As a leading name among packaging solutions companies, we offer world-class packaging solutions that preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of food and other packed products. Owing to our qualitative approach, we are recognized as a pre-eminent player among flexible packaging companies in East and Central Africa.

We achieve excellence through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As an organization, we believe in well-thought-out consistent growth and a holistic approach. We are committed to sustainability with initiatives directed at long-term positive impact through our sustainability framework ‘PRO – Proactively Responsible Organization’


CONSISTENCY of set product specifications within a batch and across batches


Customization through all production stages as required by regulation standards


RELIABILITY in always delivering the right product in the right quantity at the right time


AGILITY for accelerated implementation of new designs and mid-way revisions


For minimizing environmental impact and producing a positive social impact


TRACEABILITY for enhanced
transparency and accountability

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