Jambo Petroleum

Jambo Petroleum is a world class petrol and petroleum products distributor in the region. We ensure all our products are of the highest quality and integrity by applying consistent and latest quality control checks. We also ensure our staff are properly trained in customer relations, product handling, safety standards and environmental sustainability.

Due to the vastness of the region and the intermittent petrol stations, Jambo Petroleum Products set up multiple branches in strategic locations to ensure they are readily available to customers throughout the region. In the face of this , we are continuously expanding to cover more areas.

At our retail outlets are experts who will do quick engine checks, oil checks, air pressure, water and other fluids checks to ensure a smooth journey for our customers.

All our outlets also have well stocked convenient stores for refreshments, tasty fresh food diners, clean well maintained wash rooms and ample parking space.

Thus a visit to Jambo Petroleum is not just a fuel refill time but a wholesome motoring experience.

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