About Jambo Group

Jambo Group is one of the leading economic forces in Tanzania with major investments and successful operating companies in all key business sectors. The group is family owned and managed by its CEO, Founder and Director, Mr. Salum Khamis Salum and Mr. Seleman Khamis Salum, The Company’s Co-Director. Conceived in 1998 by Mr. Salum Khamis Salum, initially as a small trading business in the cotton sector engaging in cotton purchasing and ginning, oil refining & cotton lint bales exports. Over the years the Jambo Group has gone to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from viable merchandise trading, agriculture, textile, manufacturing, petroleum products, cargo transportation and logistics distribution. Jambo Group employs more than 2,000 people around Tanzania, operating in over 25 regions around the country with over 200+ transportation trucks.

On the 19th February 1998 after having been incorporated, Jambo Oil Mill & Ginneries initiated its operations. It had its humble beginnings in the region of Shinyanga and it was here that the company first manufactured the cotton products such as, cotton lint, seed oil and seed cake that would soon become the basis for Jambo Food products.  The company has also grown in exporting cotton lint bales from 10,000 bales in the year 1999 to 50,000 bales today. Main clients are well known international corporations such as Olam, Plexus, and CDI. Bale exports mainly depart to European countries, India, China and Indonesia. The other commodity derived from the cotton operation is the cotton seed cooking oil which is has become a household name to many Tanzanian customers mainly in the lake zone region where the vastest customer base is.

Jambo Food Products

Founded in 2011 Jambo Food Product is part of Jambo Group of Companies Ltd. and one of the largest manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks, fresh juices, and processing and bottling of water within East Africa. The company is based in Shinyanga, Tanzania.

Jambo Petroleum

Jambo Petroleum Products engages in the purchasing and distribution of petroleum products within the country. The company has one depot in Shinyanga region and 10 petrol stations within the lake zone region, with 13 tanker vehicles undertaking the transportation and distribution of Oil & Gas.

Jambo Cargo Transport

Jambo Cargo Transport Company has in its possession 87 trucks, which was incorporated on 30th may 2005. This entity largely employs its services in the collection and distribution of Jambo’s and other company’s products within the East Africa Region.

Jambo Spinning Mills

Jambo Spinning Mills is yarn-manufacturing company located in Arusha, Tanzania. Incorporated on 30th May 2005, and commenced its operation in 2008 after being officially inaugurated by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, his Excellency, Hon. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. Operating with13 thousand spindles, 85% of yarn is exported to china and 15% is sold to local textiles.